Best Time To Grow Tomatoes

Everything has a perfect timing… even in planting tomatoes. If you wish to have the best out of what you’re doing, you simply have to wait for the best or the right time in your planting especially if you choose to plant tomatoes through seeds. It could be more demanding compared to growing with the help of seedlings but it is still manageable and not very difficult to do.

Growing tomatoes from seeds begins indoors for about six to eight weeks (6-8). They can actually be directly planted outdoors but will result to minimal yield. Winter is actually the best time to plant your seeds. The season will keep your seeds moist at all times. The warmth of your soil should also be at least 15C or about 60F. You begin with a seed starting mix with peat moss. This mixture can actually be bought at the garden stores for a very convenient price. If you are planting in different varieties, it is best that you separate each type using different cans or containers.

In a mixing pan, you simply have to put the mixture and add water to keep it moist. Scatter your seeds and distribute it evenly in the mixture after which you have to cover again. You have to keep your seed moist – covering and checking it after two to three (2-3) days. As it starts to sprout, (which is ten days), that’s when you have to give your seeds an artificial lighting which is twelve to sixteen (12-16) hours.

As a second seed appears, this means you need to start transplanting your seedlings in individual containers or pots. As a tip, the plastic pots are actually better in keeping the soil moist. When you have transplanted your seedlings in individual pots, this means it is ready for hardening. This is simply preparing your plant to its exposure to sunlight. When six leaves already appear, that means your seed which has now grown into a seedling is ready for transplant into the ground, right into your garden.

Ever heard of the principle of the seed? You need to plant a lot of seeds because many of it will not grow. That works with your tomato seeds as well. Literally, many will not grow into seedlings so you need to plant as many as you can.

Actually, there is really no exact timing or perfect time for you to plant your seeds. The key factor to your success is simply giving what your plant requires for it to grow well. Keeping it moist at all times and giving your seeds warmth while you germinate is no less than the best that you could do.

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