Avoid Common Problems When Growing Tomatoes

Whenever one needs to start planting tomatoes in their garden, they should check on the different factors to avoid problems growing tomatoes, like they only develop in warm soil and are sensitive to frost. A temperature regulated between 75 – 95 degrees is suitable for growing tomatoes. Temperature tells whether it is best to plant or not. Below 57 degrees Fahrenheit, it will cease tomato growth and disease can be encountered.

Soil and air temperature are both considered. By checking your soil at 2 inch depth in one week, you have to make sure that it is between 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit in order to assure optimum growth.

Planting seeds outdoor before the air and soil; temperature warm up will not guarantee an early tomato fruiting. Either setting the blossom happens or the blossom drops after setting. A lot of time and labor have been invested in protecting the plant from harmful elements if placed outdoor early. The growth of the plant will be slower compared to those that are brought up at a warm temperature. You can start with the seeds indoor and have it transplanted later, or seedlings may be brought. In addition, start transplanting it when the temperature is right.

It is necessary to harden the plants first before you move them from the house or greenhouse towards the garden. At day time, the plant can be placed in a shaded area, while at night; it can be transferred into the garage or basement. Performing this routine one week or 2 before planting will condition your plant.

You need to avoid planting tomatoes in the same locations in a year. It is suggested to use other crops in order to prevent disease. Growing problems can be countered act by proper soil preparation. You have to prepare the plant by digging the soil deeply, and a fertilizer or manure can be added to the soil. It is necessary to cover the stem until the main foliage.

The distance when planting must be considered. It should be at least three feet apart in rows and two feet apart from each other. A support must be made in order to avoid the plant from touching the ground. The plant may be tied to a stick which is six feet buried into the ground as they grow. Keep in mind to water the plants deeply once a week since tomatoes grow at least 4 feet deep.

It will take five to seven days for tomato seeds to germinate. For long hours, the new seedlings must be placed under the sun, because without the sun, they can get spindly. Seedling transplant can be done 6 – 8 weeks when the plant had reached a desired growth. It is also best to transplant once the plant has 4 to 6 true leaves already.

Hardening off is a process when tender plants needs to get used of the outdoor environment and it should be completed before the seedlings are moved outside. At day time, the seedlings are placed in a sunny location. At night, they are all covered to help them adapt to the outdoor environment and this should be consistently done in 7 days.

In purchasing plants at the nursery, it is essential to find wind, as well as tall plants. It is also vital to pick disease-resistant plants because such illness can destroy your tomato garden during summer days. These types of seedlings are also protected from small parasitic worms that dwell on the roots which significantly causes the slow growth and wilting of the plants. To start planting tomato, you should take note of the following factors to avoid problems growing tomato and have healthy and delicious tomatoes!

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