Growing Tomatoes Like A Boss

Do you simply not like going to the vegetable store and buying tomatoes? Would you much rather grow them on your own, in your own garden and be sure they are one hundred percent safe and organic? What are you waiting for then? Tomatoes are very easy to grow. In fact, they are one of the easiest plants to grow in your garden. There are simply a few things that you must keep in mind and that is it! Juicy, delicious tomatoes in your garden!

You must know that tomatoes need space to grow. They need to spread out. Grow your plants at a distance of two feet from each other. Once you see tiny leaves sprouting, you should transfer them immediately. After two weeks you can put them in a container that measures approximately 4 inches. You should grow your tomato seedlings for a good 7 weeks indoors before finally transferring them into your garden.

Your tomatoes seedlings will need copious amounts of sun light. You should place them directly under sunlight for about 8 hours each day. Even while choosing a place in your garden for them to grow, you should choose a place that receives the highest amount of sunlight. Good sunlight exposure ensures the growth of nutritious and delicious tomatoes. This tip may sound bizarre but it has been proven that fanning the plants for about ten minutes every day is very helpful. This will not only provide good aeration but will also keep your plant away from fungal diseases. Tomatoes need a ground that is warm.

So, make sure that the ground is warm by covering it with black plastic. After it has warmed up considerably, you can grow your plants in this perfect environment. Once your plants grow to about 3 feet, they are ready to be pruned. You should start by cutting the leaves from the first inch because these are the most susceptible to fungal infections. Cut off the leaves growing on the corners of branches too. These are called laterals. Be careful not to prune too many leaves.

You should always water your tomatoes regularly. When the fruits are ripening, you can be relaxed about the watering schedule but not too much. To keep the fungal diseases at bay, you must use a copper spray on a fortnightly bases. Some times even more if you live in a very humid area. There you are! Follow these rules and grow tomatoes like a pro!

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