Why Grow Your Tomato Plants Upside Down

Do you ever imagine a tomato being grown upside down? As times went by, gardeners have come up to producing tomatoes through upside down approaches. Upside down tomato plants are advantageous for some reasons.

When you grow tomatoes in a regular way, it will require heavy maintenance of the plants. For proper support, you will require building tomato cages. Regular weeding is also a must if you grow tomatoes in a regular way. You must also be careful of the fruits to prevent rotting.

When you choose an upside down way of growing your tomato plants, you will not worry much about grooming and caring for the plants. Moreover, you can create a visual appeal to the patios, house border, decks and backyards through upside down tomato planting.

How to Grow an Upside Down Tomato Plant

In order to grow an upside down tomato plant, you must choose a proper container for it. You can save more if you create a container on your own. Buy a thick, superior quality plastic container of around 12 inch in diameter.

Through the use of a drilling machine, make a large hole at the bottom of the pot. This hole is where the upside down tomato plant protrudes. In addition, you should drill three smaller holes on the sides of the pot for tying hanging ropes.

You can place a landscaping fabric at the bottom of the pot so as to avoid washing away during rain or irrigation. You must carefully make a cut at the center of the fabric which should roughly match the expansion of the root ball.

You should place the fabric on the pot where the cut of the fabric is in line with the hole of the pot. In this manner, the pot resembles the regular way of gardening.

The next step is introduction of the tomato plant in an upside down orientation. You can hang the pot or you can also ask for some assistance to hold the pot. You should put the tomato plant through the hole of the container and/or cut of the fabric.

Like what you do to a regular gardening, you should add a potting mixture to the pot. However, you should be sure that the potting mixture is enough to give birth to a healthy tomato plant. Otherwise, you may add some fertilizers or adequate amount of farmyard compost.

You should hang the pot with the tomato plant in an upside down position by tying the ropes from the sides of the container. Remember to water and soak the plant thoroughly. You must also know the basic tips on how to grow tomato plants and must practice them.

You can reproduce other pots that way. Place the tomato plants where they can have enough sunlight.

Through the use of upside down tomato planting, you do not need to worry about poor garden soil or limited area for gardening. You can even put the hanging tomato plants in the balcony and when they bear red fruits, it will be really nice to be seen. With this, you don’t need to have some other expensive flowers to adorn your balcony. At the same time, you can enjoy the taste of garden fresh tomatoes.

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