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How do you grow tomatoes upside down and why even bother to do it?

Actually, it’s pretty smart, and many tomato growers swear by the fact that their tomatoes are bigger and more plentiful as a result. This article will discuss how and why to grow upside down tomatoes.

When tomatoes are growing upside down, the shoots and stems are not fighting gravity. Gravity is actually helping the plants to grow so the stems grow stronger and healthier as a result. There is improved air circulation around the plant which also encourages growth.

Another benefit to growing your tomatoes upside down is that you never have to stake them or support them as they develop. Normally with the tomato plants growing rightside up, the plants must be staked or supported to help them bear the weight of the developing tomatoes and keep them from settling to the ground.

When tomatoes are allowed to settle to the ground they fall prey to pests, diseases and rot. It’s a bad thing which must be avoided – and hanging the plants upside down avoids it more effectively than any other technique.

How Is It Done?

It’s really quite simple. You will be growing your tomato plants out of a bucket. Most growers prefer five gallon paint buckets that can be picked up inexpensively at your local hardware store.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket at least 2 – 2 1/2 inches wide. Set the bucket on the ground. Find some old newspaper or better yet a coffee filter and put it on the bottom of the bucket, over the hole. Fill the bucket with soil and place the cover over the bucket.

Now turn the bucket over so that the hole in the bottom is now on top. Remove the coffee filter and reach in with your hand and grab enough of the soil out of the bucket to make room for the planting of a tomato seedling

Gently plant the seedling in the hole and replace the soil around it, packing it in firmly. Now place more old newspaper or a couple of coffee filters around the young plant to secure it in and prevent soil from dropping out when it is suspended upside down.

Now gently pick up the bucket and set it rightside up so that the plant is suspended upside down. Remove the cover from the top of the bucket and suspend the bucket – plant arrangement on a firm hook, a firm trellis, a plant support or some other similar plant-holding structure.

Water the plant by simply watering the soil at the top of the bucket until you start to see a few drops coming through the 2 inch hole on the bottom.

You’re done! You can now look forward to your upside down tomato plant producing healthy, large, sweet delicious tomatoes all spring and summer.

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The Best Way To Plant Hanging Upside Down Tomatoes

Have you ever thought about planting tomatoes hanging upside down? Well, do not be surprised, because this is becoming one of the most popular ways of growing tomatoes. The best part about this method is you do not have to worry about weeding and dealing with pests and diseases that are so common when you grow them in the ground. Do you want to know how to plant upside down tomatoes? Well, here is how you can easily do it.

If you are already a tomato grower, you already know most varieties of tomatoes require a large container. Get an empty 5 gallon bucket with a lid. You can save some bucks if you can find it lying around the house or just head over to the nearest hardware store and get one. Once you find your container, you need to clean the bucket thoroughly to remove any debris or harmful chemicals that may exist inside.

Now you need to drill a hole in the middle of the bucket’s bottom. Make sure that it is about 2-3 inches big. You will also need to drill smaller holes in the lid so you can water it easily when the plant is placed inside.

The next thing you will need is material you can use to anchor the tomato plant. Newspaper is ideal for this purpose. Just place several layers at the bottom of the bucket.

Now it is time to add the soil. Fill the bucket to about an inch from the top. Nutrients are essential for the growth of a seedling into a healthy plant, so add some to the soil and secure the lid tightly on the bucket.

Now you have the soil inside the bucket and it is shut with the lid. Simply turn the bucket over and plant the tomato seedling. To do this, just cut a few slits into the newspaper you placed at the bottom. You can access it through the 3 inch hole that you drilled at the bottom of the bucket. Once the slits are done, gently place the seedling into the hole. Make sure about 3 inches of it is coming out of the hole. If you require something extra to anchor the seedling, just use some extra soil.

Now your hanging tomato plant is ready and all you need to do is to hang it at appropriate place. Make sure the structure you use to hang your 5 gallon bucket is strong enough to handle the weight. And remember, tomato plants need space to grow, so they should not be hung too close to the ground. Allow at least 5 feet space between the bucket and the ground to have room for the plant to grow.

While choosing the location, make sure your plants get sufficient sunlight. Plants need adequate lighting to grow and produce fruits. So, having a hanging tomato planter makes it ideal for you to move it with the sun.

Now the only things to care are watering and fertilizing the plants regularly and wait for the blossoms to appear and turn into fruits. Are you ready to eat fresh and ripe tomatoes from your upside hanging tomato plants?

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